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Is Masterclass Worth it? We Crunched the Numbers

How much would you pay for a cooking lesson from Gordon Ramsay? Or a guitar lesson from Carlos Santana?

How much money could you make with business advice from Howard Shulchtz, the former CEO of Starbucks?

Howard Shulchtz Masterclass on Business Leadership

We could easily go on, but our point is clear: Masterclass offers extremely valuable content, which would have been completely out of reach for most people.

But how valuable exactly? We looked at some of the numbers and were shocked when actually quantified the value of this new online education platform.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

At the time of this writing, there are 60 masterclasses with over 1,000 videos in the library and a total of just over 300 hours of content.

Keep in mind that new masterclasses are added all the time, and are available immediately to people who buy the all-access pass. Therefore, your masterclass membership gets more valuable over time.

Priced at $180, you will pay $0.60 for each hour of training on Masterclass.

Let’s circle back to our opening question: Would you pay $0.60 for an hour long cooking lesson from Gordon Ramsay? I’m guessing you would.

I only want a few lessons, should I buy individual courses?

In short, no. Once you get your first taste of Masterclass, you will be introduced to a new online learning experience that will have you yearning for more. For the cost of just two courses, you can get access to 60+ (and growing) courses.

If you can’t decide on something to watch on Netflix, you can watch a random Masterclass and feel productive.

So while we understand the Masterclass up-front price of $180 may be painful on the budget for some individuals, I think it doesn’t make any sense purchase a single course for $90 when you can get each course for less than $4 by buying all-access.

If $180 is too much for now, then save up and treat yourself later!

Free Content vs Paid Content

Of course, ultimately this product is information, and there is no shortage of information on the internet. Is masterclass worth it compared to free information that you can get anywhere?

In my experience, the content available on Masterclass is available, albeit piecemeal, for free on the internet. However, nothing has been more inspiring to me than to learn directly from the masters.

Are guitar scales and solos available to learn for free on other websites? Yes. Are they as motivating and inspiring as having Carlos Santana teach them to you? I’ll let you decide.

Carlos Santana jamming in his Masterclass

Conclusion: Is Masterclass Worth it?

We hope this article makes this question self-evident. In case there is any doubt, Masterclass is worth the money and becomes more valuable as they add more courses.

Barry Deen

Barry Deen is the Editor-in-Chief at Masterclass Reviews. As a life-long student, he is committed to finding the best online educational programs available. Barry is a huge advocate of the Masterclass program and recommends it to anyone looking to learn new skills and develop as a person.

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